We manage taxicabs

In conjunction with taxi drivers and taxicab guilds, APCOA PARKING has developed a proprietary taxi management system designed for handling cabs on stands with rapid turnaround. We call it TMCS, Taxi Management Control System. TMCS is already being used in several Scandinavian airports with great success, controlling cab access through barriers and transponders to ensure only licensed and approved vehicles are entering and leaving the cab stands.

Electronic access control to taxi stands

On arrival at a TMCS controlled site, a taxi containing a transponder will be registered, granted access and directed to its stand. Taxis leaving the site are logged electronically at the exit gate. The whole system is automated, which means you don’t have to do anything. Our taxi management system can be controlled from the taxicab office, from an onsite office built for the purpose, or externally using one of our own monitoring teams.

Full taxi management in any language

TMCS is multi-lingual: just set the system to the language you need to use. The taxi management system is supplied complete for out-of-the-box operation, and includes transponders; vouchers/receipts printers; automatic barriers; and a notice board for directing traffic flow. TMCS also includes a robust software suite to aid traffic flow management with the system.


You have a high-intensity departure point for taxi passengers on your property, causing backlogs of foot and vehicle traffic in the area. 


We manage your taxis remotely using a complete modular cab management system, directing traffic and ensuring only approved and registered cabs can enter and leave your property. 


  • Complete, trouble free solution
  • Passenger satisfaction
  • Taxi driver satisfaction
  • Quality management
  • Traffic control
  • Environmental protection