Mobilparkering - The payment machine in your pocket

Our app is our new, easy way to pay for parking. Rather than using the payment machines on site, our app allows our customers to pay for their parking session by card securely via their mobile phones.

Whether you are running late for a train or meeting, cannot find coins for the payment machine or simply want to extend your parking session without returning to your vehicle, our app is the convenient solution.

  • You can download the app from App store and Google Play.
  • The use of the app is free (meaning no members fee, you only pay for the parking duration). 

The first page you meet in the app is a map of all the available parking locations where the app can be used. Press one of the pins to see details about the area. 

Remember to allow the app to send you push messages and knowing your location. Otherwise you will not get important notifications when the parking duration is about to run out and other messages that is crucial for the app to work like its meant to.

The app will work on our car parks with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognicion), and other areas with payment machines. It will not work on car parks with barrier systems. 


Why Register?

  • Quicker & Easier Parking Purchases
  • VAT Receipts & Parking History
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