Avinor Molde Airport Årø


Molde Airport, Årø, 6421 Molde, Norway
, 6421 Molde
, Molde

Opening Hours

Mon, Wed - Sun
Open all day
00:30 - 01:00

Quick information

Total Spaces
Molde Airport Årø-1
Molde Airport Årø-2
Molde Airport Årø-3
Molde Airport Årø-4
Electric car charging space
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Parking Tariff

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Avinor Molde Airport

Car Park Description

Parking at Molde Airport Årø

Molde Airport offers various parking areas depending on the need of the traveler. 

  • P1 is located close to the terminal and is great for kiss & fly or shorter stays. 
  • P2 and P3 offer long stay parking, and is great when you are going to be away for several days or more than a week. 

Check out more information at the airport-page: Avinor Molde Airport

The parking starts and stops automatically. You do not need a ticket to park. You will not get a parking fine if you do not pay. Remember to follow normal parking regulations, such as signage for reserved parking. Below we'll explain how you can pay. You do not need to pay if you are transferring in the parking area within a few minutes, see signs on site for free transfer time (fri gjennomkjøringstid). 

Pay with your phone: 

You can use the mobile phone as payment machine. At mobilparkering.com you can pay within 48 hrs after exit. 

Type in your vehicle registration number and pay with card. You will pay for the actual parking duration only, and you do not have to set up a user profile. 

If you wish to be automatically charged for the parking the next time, you can set up a user profile. You can read more here.

Payment machine:

On site there is also a payment machine you can use. Type in your vehichle registration number just before you exit the car park, and pay with card or cash. You will pay for the actual parking duratin only. 


If no payment is registered within 48 hrs after exit, an invoice is sent to the car owner. The invoice will contain the actual parking duration in addition to an invoice fee (kr 49,-). 

Electric car charging space
Credit Card