Oslo City Garage

We know that many will be in the office these days, perhaps not every day of the week, but occasionally. For those who want to drive their own car, rather than standing in a full, subway, bus or train, we can offer cheaper parking in Oslo City Garage.

We offer several solutions.

  • If you are only in the office once or twice a week, you get a day parking for NOK 175 (incl. VAT - the original price is NOK 420) by using the code CITY2020 in the APCOA FLOW app.
  • If you go to the office every day, it will be better to rent a space. We can offer a rent of a space for NOK 2,500 (incl. VAT - original price is NOK 4250 incl. VAT) per place / month). Contact us at sales [at] apcoa.no and we will set up an agreement for you

To use a code within the app:

1) Download the app from the App Store or Google Play

2) Register a profile

3) Choose menu and select parking benefit. Select add and register benefit with code. Enter the code CITY2020.

The discount is automatically withdrawn from the parking. Note! The discount only applies to the daily price and the code must be registered BEFORE driving out.