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With camera recognition, you don’t get a fine and the parking is ticketless.

Your license plate number is read at the entrance and the parking stops when you exit.

The following products and services are available in our areas with camera recognition (ANPR):

  • Parking with a valid mobile app, with or without automatic payment. Download the APCOA FLOW app in the Appstore or Google Play. Register a profile and select "automatic payment" in the app, and the payment will be automatically withdrawn when you are leaving the area. News! Registration and payment with Vipps.
  • Parking with payment at the payment machine just before you leave the area
  • Parking with payment online,, within 48 hours after exit
  • Parking with "Park & Go". By using this product, you do not need to do anything. drive in, park and drive out. You will receive an invoice afterwards. The price is available on site.

For users without a Norwegian phone to download the app, you can use the webpage You can either register a profile or use it anonymously.

Airport Booking

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Stavanger Airport Sola

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Pre book at Torp Sandefjord Airport

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Byporten P-hus

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Rosenkrantz P-hus

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Bakklandet P-hus

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APCOA Parking is the leading providor of parking services in Europe. We are shaping the future of parking.


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