Pay for your ANPR parking: Use the app Apcoa Mobilparkering app or the webpage.

No user profile: Click on "See unpaid parkings", enter your your vehicle reg.nbr., and follow the instructions on the screen. You will have the opportunity to get a receipt on e-mail.

With a user profile: The solution will remember your details. You will have access to useful services like add and cross different vehicles and payment cards, set automatic payment on them and your history. You can also register Fordelsparkering. Read more here.

Airport Booking

Book now! Remember to enter correct vehicle number plate.

Stavanger Airport Sola

1 week from 300,-. Book early to get the best prices.

Pre book at Bergen Airport Flesland

1 week from 295,-. Book early to get the best prices. 

Pre book at Trondheim Airport Værnes

1 week from 560,-

Pre book at Tromsø Airport

Weekends from 405,-. 

Pre book at Bodø Airport

1 week from 395,-. Book early to get the best prices.

Pre book at Molde Airport

1 week from 660,-. 

Pre book at Torp Sandefjord Airport

1 week from 600,-

Season Tickets

Purchase monthly season tickets and save money on your frequent parking

Search for Season tickets

Click here to search for available Season Tickets. You can purchase your parking permit in the portal. 

Byporten P-hus

Get your season ticket now and use the cupon code "ne1587"

Rosenkrantz P-hus

Get your season ticket now and use the cupon code "ne3508"

Bakklandet P-hus

Get your season ticket now and use the cupon code "ne4725"


Who is APCOA Parking?

APCOA Parking is the leading providor of parking services in Europe. Previously the name of the Norwegian branch was "Europark". In February 2018 we rebranded to APCOA Parking Norway.


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Special Offers

Weekend Parking Aker Brygge P-hus

Leave your car at Aker Brygge this weekend! If you arrive after 16 on Friday, you will only pay for max 5 hrs (365,-) even if you stay until midnight Sunday.


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