The stability of the market leader

The market shares in Europe are proof of our contractual partners' high degree of trust and the end customers' acceptance. They are the expression of APCOAs reassurance and stability.


We manage growth

With 40 years’ experience managing car parks in 12 European countries, we’ve had the time and opportunity to develop a range of marketing, advertising and operational services. APCOA managed car parks are profitable, proactively marketed to make your investment grow.


13 countries. One market leader

There’s a reason is Europe’s number one car park management company. Our experts in 13 European countries have developed, and continue to develop, innovative products and services designed to meet the regional needs of car users. We use standardised IT hardware and software, and parking equipment, to exploit international economies of scale to your advantage. Our international experience combines with local market knowledge to provide parking products that work for the customer and deliver solid profit for the investor.


Your profit is our business

We don’t just run car parks – we manage every aspect of the parking services you offer your customer. APCOA manages your costs and revenue, designs and implements marketing campaigns, and sources partnership funding for your property (for example, from advertising opportunities from third party stores and service providers). We generate a maximum return on your investment – and because we never own land, only run leased car parks on your behalf, we’re never in competition with your interests.


We’re a good bet

APCOA is an excellent investment opportunity thanks to our market position, growth and financial stability. We’re the market leader in European car park management, with more than 7,400 managed car parks in 12 countries. We’ve been growing steadily for over 40 years.  And we keep ourselves financially stable with central procurement and a diverse portfolio of car parks and services.


We’re the perfect fit for consumers

We don’t sell an off the shelf parking management service. Every operational solution, marketing campaign and advertising opportunity is designed for the customer’s goals. We draw up individual contracts to embody the needs of a specific consumer, and every garage application is made and considered on its own merit. APCOA isn’t about trying to make one size fit all. We’re here to design and deliver bespoke management services that answer the needs of our partners.


We are tomorrow, today

Sustainability and corporate responsibility (CR) are key mandates for successful businesses. APCOA is provably committed to sustainable growth. We have delivered green solutions for some of the biggest parking clients in Europe including London Heathrow and Stuttgart airports. Our green parking initiatives have seen new technologies being developed for better car park discovery, parking management and traffic management. Our corporate responsibility is fuelled by local knowledge and local employment. We pay back into the communities in which our clients own car parking properties, with significant investment into road safety schemes and assisted mobility.


International Figures

  • 13 countries
  • 7.500 locations
  • 1,3 million parking spaces
  • > 150 mio. transactions
  • 731 mio. € revenue (2011)
  • 40 years of experience

Norwegian figures

  • +1.400 locations
  • 100.000 parking lots 
  • 130 employees 
  • 1300 mio. NOK revenue