Park & Control is the leading concept of management of private parking spaces. APCOA has been optimizing the car park situation at thousands of locations across Europe with this solution. 

With Park & Control, APCOA provides an important service in regulating stationary traffic. At the same time this sophisticated concept ensures that car parks are not abused or used unlawfully.

The car park surveillance offers various implementation options. In this way we guarantee the car park owner the maximum flexibility. Car park features are shown with signs complying with legal requirements. The parking area is overseen on site by Park & Control staff twenty four-hours a day.

Read more about enforcement here. 


With or without parking fines

Depending of implementation method, fines regulation may or may not be put into use. APCOA offer excellent options for clients that do not want to regulate with fines. 


Implementation options are

  • Monitoring by means of parking discs (not much used in Norway)
  • Monitoring through a Park & Display parking ticket
  • Monitoring by use of white listed Vehicle Number Plates
  • Monitoring by means of entrance and exit barrier
  • Monitoring through photographic detection (ANPR)


Benefits of Park & Control

  • Happy end customers, as the ones that has the right to park there actually finds available space
  • Happy clients, as their location will be used for the means that they wish
  • Motivates end customers to pay for parking
  • Sustainability
  • Increased parking frequency