Park & control with enforcement is an emotive issue. It ensures that the vehicles that have the right to park at the location is allowed to do so, while keeping foreign cars away. It ensures safety and correct traffic flow at the area. It also ensures payment motivation where this is needed. 

Enforcement demands a sensitive approach from highly trained personnel, according to the Norwegian Parking Legislation.

Through our product and service offering, we provide highly professional 'end-to-end' tailored solutions to meet the specific needs.

We manage effectively and plan efficiently, delivering excellent quality and value at every stage.


Enforcement can include:

  • Car Park Attendants
  • Logistics and planning of routes
  • Surveillance and enforcement of the system from our control room and team
  • Software and hardware for controlling
  • Camera car (CCTV) for control
  • Hand held devices for ANPR control
  • Cash handeling
  • Surveilance 
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Parking Equipment Supply and Maintenance Teams
  • Maintenance and Management of Car Parks
  • Replacement Service for Signs and Lines
  • Fully-hosted application hardware from our secure IT data centre.
  • Processing Unit and Permit Management Notice
  • Management Information Systems (Incorporating Yield Management)
  • Cashless Parking Systems
  • Online Payment and Permit Solutions
  • Monitoring by means of parking discs (not much used in Norway)
  • Monitoring through a Park & Display parking ticket
  • Monitoring by use of white listed Vehicle Number Plates
  • Monitoring by means of entrance and exit barrier
  • Monitoring through photographic detection (ANPR)
  • Happy end customers, as the ones that has the right to park there actually finds available space
  • Happy clients, as their location will be used for the means that they wish
  • Motivates end customers to pay for parking
  • Complaints handeling and customer service center 24/7/365
  • Sustainability
  • Increased parking frequency
  • With ANPR enforcement is managed without parking fines



Effective enforcement starts with a plan

Every enforcement service we deliver is planned for maximum efficiency and value. Our clients use us because we get the job done quickly, effectively and because we develop bespoke enforcement plans to match their requirements, and put them into effect with a high level of success and value for money.


Hands-on enforcement from notice to appeal

We manage all or part of hundreds of national and international parking enforcement schemes: from deploying mobile enforcement officers to processing notices, managing bailiffs and providing an impartial representations and appeals service.


Our enforcement services go all the way

When we supply parking enforcement software or hardware, we don’t walk away. Our dedicated parking enforcement teams provide 24 hour support and on-call or contract maintenance for your software systems and technology.




  • Protected revenue
  • Accurate number of guaranteed parking spaces
  • Increased parking frequency
  • Satisfied customers
  • No illegal parking