With number plate recognition (ANPR), parking starts and stops automatically at the entry and exit - You don’t need a parking ticket. To pay for parking, go directly to the payment page or download the APCOA FLOW app in Appstore or Google Play. If you register a profile and check off for automatic payment, you don’t need to think about payment.

With the app you get a seamless parking experience!

With number plate recognition, everything is seamless. You don’t need a ticket and you can pay with your mobile.

  • Your license plate number is read at the entry and the parking starts
  • When you exit, you license plate is read again and the parking stops

How to pay:

  • The easiest way to pay is with your mobile. Download the APCOA FLOW app, register a profile and tick for automatic payment, and you don’t have to think about payment.
  • If you don’t choose automatic payment, you can pay on your mobile or at apcoa.no within 48 hours after exit.
  • You can also pay at the payment machine just before you exit. Remember that you must enter your license plate number.
  • If you don’t choose any of the payment methods above, you will receive an invoice. There will be an invoice fee.

 A free drive-through time has been set for the parking areas. If you drive out before this time expires, you will not be charged. If you park longer, the time will count from the time of entry.

 If you have paid for the parking in advance (e.g parking benefit, lease, contract, or booking), then we have whitelisted your car and you don’t need to do anything. Check your contract or booking confirmation for more information.

 With number plate recognition, you don’t get a parking fine!

 Check out parking benefits here.

Use of payment machine

Just before you exit, you can pay at the payment machine on site. Enter your license plate number and pay by card or cash.

Queue at the payment machine? Use your mobile phone and download the APCOA FLOW app.

If you forget to pay, an invoice will be sent to the owner of the car. Invoice fee will be added.

Pay with your mobile

Download APCOA FLOW in App Store or Google Play. Register and select automatic payment within the app, and you don’t have to think about payment every time you park. If you don’t want automatic payment, you can also pay within 48 hours on this page.

The app can be used both with and without a profile:

Without user profile: open the app and select "Search for number plate", enter the car's license plate number and follow the instructions on the screen. You can receive a receipt by e-mail.

With user profile: you have created a profile, and the app saves your details. You get access to useful features such as crossing different cars with different payment cards, as well as selecting automatic payment. You will have a full overview of your parking history and receipts. You can also register a parking benefit if you have one.

Read more about APCOA FLOW here

Payment by invoice

If no payment is registered on your license plate number 48 hours after exit, an invoice will be sent to the vehicles owner.

This is not a parking fine, it is the actual parking time according to current rates as well as an invoice fee. Separate rules apply to Avinor.

Avoid invoice?

Already have an agreement?


If you have an agreement with us and, e.g, have paid for parking in advance, we have whitelisted your car.

You don’t have to do anything - just drive in, park and drive out again.

Remember that it is your responsibility that you have all the correct information (e.g correct vehicle(s)) related to the agreement.

Agreements can be:

  • Online Booking
  • parking benefit
  • Lease agreement / contract parking
  • Other parking agreements

If you use a vehicle other than the one you have stated in the agreement, it is impossible for us to know that it is you who is coming. Then you may be charged a regular parking fee.

I you are unsure, please check with us about your agreement (e.g the booking confirmation or the rental agreement). You can see your details and you can edit the vehicle(s) to be used.