How to rent space

You can easily rent a parking space on our APCOA FLOW webportal and update/change details in the APCOA FLOW app.

If you have registered a profile in the APCOA FLOW app, log in with the same username (phone number) and password. Select the product you want and confirm the purchase. Your agreement will be under "my benefits" in the app menu.

If you do not have a profile in the APCOA FLOW app from before, you must download the app and register a profile. Once you have done this, you can log in, select a product and confirm your purchase. Your agreement can be found under "my benefits" in the menu in the app.

If you cannot find the parking area when searching, or no parking options appear where you want to park, please contact us.

We offer various solutions:

  • Ongoing: The agreement is ongoing as a subscription until you wish to terminate it. We offer, for example, 1 month running or 3 months running.
  • Non-current: When the period you have purchased is over, you must renew the agreement yourself.
  • Benefit code: If you have a benefit code, enter this in a separate field.

Advantages of renting parking online

  • When purchasing for the first time, you register the necessary information in the portal and pay for the parking directly.
  • Ongoing subscriptions are automatically deducted monthly and avoid invoices and invoice fees.
  • The car's number plate acts as a "parking permit". No plastic card or parking ticket is required.
  • When you rent parking, you always have access to the area and can drive in and out as much as you want during the period for which you have purchased.
  • With a username and password, you can log in to the profile and change or add number plates and manage your parking as you need.