The sum of excellence

Take the expertise from Europe’s’ number 1 in parking, add to that our experience from more than 50 years of complex demands from the market, partners and consumers – and you get the sum of excellence. Connect with Europe’s’ number 1 to shape the future of parking!

Our CPMS (Car Park Management System) created by APCOA in Norway. The system are using advanced ANPR technology (automatic number plate recognition) and cameras to start and stop the parking. Say goodbye to fines!

The end customer can pay for the parking using the payment machine on site, or pay with their mobile phone within 48 hours after exit. If no payment is detected on the customer, an invoice will be received. The video above shows an illustrated version of the customer journey. 


We know what's important

When the largest parking company in Europe decides to create their own Car Park Management System, you know it will be done professionally and by a trustworthy partner with excellent experience of what is the key success criteria.

We made sure that our ANPR universe consists of a total value chain. Why set up ANPR at a car park, if there is no handling of the payment, sales- and marketing activities, price and product facilitation and revenue management to control it on the other side?

Our system is in the end of the day the sum of excellent expertise from Europe’s number 1 in parking, first class suppliers and more than 50 years of experience. Together we will stand out in the market place and shape the future of parking.


Do you need us to operate a different ANPR system?

We can do that to. APCOA operate various external ANPR systems in Europe, and we know how. 

ANPR can both be used as a car park management system to start and stop parking (like a P&D machine or a barrier system), but it can also be used for park & control and enforcement

No matter the goal with your ANPR, we know how to utilize it in the most optimal way.