ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

APCOA PARKING have built a Car Park Management System (CPMS) that uses ANPR.

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Revenue Management, Reporting and DWH

Our Reporting Suite enables clients to compile, run and access reports quickly and efficiently. Utilising our reporting tool ensures that clients can view, print and export any reports requested, and to sort, break and ‑ filter all data extracted from their parking software solution. This allows clients to:

  • Create their own bespoke reports
  • Review revenue levels
  • Make efficiencies in reporting times

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Parking Management

Our parking management services are divided into car park management for surface car parks, underground car parks and multi storey car parks; event parking; and parking enforcement. With more than 50 years’ experience managing car parks across 13 countries, we’ve got the local knowledge, the organisational skill and the technology to increase your revenue; raise your profile; and protect your property. APCOA knows how to handle all kind of parking sectors.

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Park & control with enforcement is an emotive issue. It ensures that the vehicles that have the right to park at the location is allowed to do so, while keeping foreign cars away. It ensures safety and correct traffic flow at the area. It also ensures payment motivation where this is needed. 

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Taxi Management (TMCS)

In conjunction with taxi drivers and taxicab guilds, APCOA has developed a proprietary taxi management system designed for handling cabs on stands with rapid turnaround. We call it TMCS (Taxi Management Control System). TMCS is already being used in several Scandinavian airports with great success, controlling cab access through barriers and transponders to ensure only licensed and approved vehicles are entering and leaving the cab stands.

Read more about TMCS here. 


Permit Solutions

APCOA Permits are available in Manual Permit and Digital Permit versions, with applications and renewals available online. The benefits to our clients:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Patrolling efficiencies
  • Customer convenience
  • Reduction of fraud and theft


Control Center

Real-Time Mapping and Recording Solutions is available trough our proven GPS-enabled mapping system. Via the control center we provide real-time tracking of the entire workforce on screens installed at our operational base. Its benefits include:

  • Real-time tracking of individual parking officers
  • Improved deployment efficiencies – ensured beat coverage
  • Printable beat reports to support performance and operational analysis as well as corroborative evidence for appeals
  • Improved customer/client response times
  • Panic alarm button and recording facilities
  • Reduction in complaints
  • Improved staff morale


E-solutions, sales and marketing

We manage e-business

The APCOA e-business offering has grown rapidly, penetrating international markets and boosting revenue for parking property owners in 13 countries. Our e-business channel delivers advanced car parking solutions including pre-booking, online marketing and digital sales for parking clients. Benefit from our extensive experience in pre-booking, ticketing and parking management: get connected to your consumers before they’ve even driven up to your barrier.

Give your car park user a guaranteed space

Pre-booking gives your car park users guaranteed spots, increasing the number of customers who use your property and building long-lasting goodwill between your consumer and your brand. Our e-business solutions power online sales and pre-booking in more than 15 major European airports, offering online marketing and ticketing to some of the biggest arrivals and departures locations in the world.

We’ve built our own system

We’ve used our own expertise and experience in car park management and online sales to build parking solutions capable of powering some of the largest airports on earth. More than 10 Airports use our flexible, powerful system to control car park pre-booking, and we have introduced the world’s first international on-airport sales platform:  

We deliver technological firsts

We’re constantly improving pre-booking systems, and have developed new technologies to deal with the requirements of airports and other large parking properties.

Swell your revenue with online sales

Our e-business car park solutions do more than just pre-booking parking spaces. Sell season tickets, prepaid value cards and contract parking spaces through your online channel for wider reach and increased revenue.

Web marketing taken care of

We offer a full marketing and reporting suite to back up our e-business solutions, including:

  • Customer service centres
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Cross-channel marketing and co-operations
  • Data syndication on digital map services (i.e. Nokia, Google Maps)
  • Customer relationship management
  • Secure payment
  • Reporting


E-mobility and El-cars

We manage environmentally friendly fuels

Give your customers the flexibility to fill up how they choose with our E-Mobility stations. We’re equipping our client’s car parks with the filling stations of the future: electric car charging stations for the owners of electric and hybrid vehicles to use while they shop, attend meetings and travel. Offer more for customers with environmentally friendly vehicles, and broaden your consumer base.

Changing the way your customers see parking

Owners of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles face two problems: short range and long charging times. Parking bays that charge their vehicles while they shop, attend corporate events or travel are ideal solutions to both. Incorporating E-charging bays in your car park will also raise your profile as a forward thinking and environmentally friendly business.

Making short-range trips more efficient

Consumers who travel by electric car are much more likely to use your car park when they can recharge their vehicles while they run errands, do the shopping or go to the gym. Widen your appeal to local car park users. Deliver more for short range electric car users and boost profitability.

APCOA leads the way for the driver of the future 

There are already electric car charging stations at many APCOA-managed locations. To turn your car park into a future-friendly environment, contact your APCOA co-ordinator today.


  • Reach out to the environmentally conscious market 
  • Get your property ready for the vehicles of the future
  • Visibly raise your eco-friendly credentials
  • Broaden your appeal for short range electric car travel