APCOA PARKING is run by satisfying customer needs today while operating with the future in mind. In order to achieve long-term success, it is important to operate sustainably, protect the environment and use resources sparingly. As a major player in Norwegian business and industry, we therefore require ourselves to take the environment into account in the best possible way within a car-based industry that has traditionally not been associated with environmental considerations.

We commit ourselves to society by showing responsibility for people, nature and the environment. Our environmental plan forms the basis for a continuous process of environmental work in the company. The plan addresses our biggest environmental challenges and how we can help reduce our environmental impact.

Our environmental policy

APCOA will work systematically and purposefully to reduce our impact on the environment.

As the country's leading operator in our industry, parking & mobility, we will work to be at the forefront of effective environmental management.

We will take social responsibility by incorporating and working towards industry standards that reduce environmental impact.

In the daily operation we must:

  • sort waste at source and reduce the total amount of waste
  • have 90% electric car fleet by 2025. We have today electrified over 70% of our car fleet in Oslo.
  • work to reduce energy consumption
  • work on reducing paper mailings and tickets
  • actively work to reduce redundant vending machines and other equipment