Congratulations Byporten!


Congratulations to Byporten with ANPR launch!

If you go into Google maps and search for “Oslo City Center”, chances are that the pin will land at Byporten. The Byporten Car Park is a frequently visited garage located in the middle of Oslo City Center. The site is in connection to offices, a popular shopping center, a hotel and all the other facilities you would normally find in the middle of a large city. At Byporten, we have now gone live with a complex ANPR installation (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) catering for both short term-, contract-, employee- and hotel parking.


Short term parking

The optimal way for the short term parking consumer is to pay on exit. Or to not pay at all, as many of them would probably prefer. Both is possible at Byporten.

As the cameras know when the consumer entered the car park, there is no need to visit the payment machine until the moment you are leaving. Unless you have registered in the app of course, then everything will happen automatically.

If the consumer forgets to pay, “forgets to pay” (in quotes for a reason), or simply overdrew the payment card while buying 5 pairs of designer shoes at Byporten shopping centre, he may do a late payment on web or wait until he receives an invoice.


Integrated Hotel Parking Solution

Upon arrival, the hotel guest will pay for his parking duration at the hotel desk. From this point the guest is digitally white-listed in our system. She may enter and exit as many times as she pleases during her stay.


Integrated Contract Parking Solution

Contract parking and employee parking allows our frequent visitors to white-list their cars in our system to experience seamless parking and automatic invoicing.


With our ANPR system, all segments are cared for at Byporten!

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