Norway's largest parking operator and start-up launches smart and safe bicycle lockers in Oslo


A groundbreaking collaboration opens up for secure bicycle parking at Majorstuen Metro station. In a comprehensive mobility investment, APCOA PARKING will also make bicycles a more attractive transport alternative - and this is where the world-leading technology from the start-up company Bikely is essential.

APCOA makes new technology available to Oslo residents

Never before have there been so many expensive bikes on the streets of Oslo. The electric bike boom has made theft a major societal problem[1]. The pandemic has placed great restrictions on public transport, and the bike has strengthened its position as a very attractive way of transport. Unfortunately, the lack of safe bike parking leads many to drop it[2].

In line with urban development plans for Oslo and changes in society in general, APCOA with its Urban Hub initiative will take an active role in working towards more sustainable solutions for parking areas.


  • We welcome cyclists back to the city center with a Bikely box in the middle of Majorstuen Metro station. We are replacing 3 parking spaces in favor of 10 safe bike parking spaces, where cyclists can park without worrying about bike theft. This would have been difficult without our collaboration with Bikely, says Victoria Ringen in APCOA.

Secure bike parking in the middle of Majorstuen

From the country's largest cycling city Trondheim (2019) comes world-leading technology in safe and smart bike parking. With Bikely from Trøndelag, the cyclist gets access to their own specific locker through an app. It has never been easier and safer to park the bike. The app offers advanced booking and access without intermediaries or time limits. In the app you see all available lockers in real time.

With APCOA, the technology will also be available to the residents of Oslo. For 10 NOK per hour, the cyclist gets access to a bike locker with space for both a backpack, shopping bags and a helmet.

  • Finally, the market's safest bike parking is also available in Oslo. APCOA has made this possible for us.  We have worked hard and long for this, says founder and general manager Hallvar Bergh in Bikely.

The location is suitable both for those who visit Majorstuen and Bogstadveien, but also those who are going elsewhere in the city. Now everyone can take their bike to Majorstuen Metro station, park the bike safely in one of the lockers, take public transport or use the car sharing offer that is also available in the car park. If the solution from Bikely becomes as popular as the electric bike for the residents of Oslo, bike lockers are predicted to have a bright future. APCOA has plans for bike lockers at several locations if the project is a success.

APCOA is investing in environmental friendly transport. The bike lockers are part of the company's Urban HUB's concept that makes new mobility solutions available to consumers.

Bikely has already delivered safe and smart bike parking to 14 Norwegian municipalities. The collaboration with APCOA has been the gateway to the residents of Oslo, and the goal is rapid rollout to several locations in Norway's largest cities.