Multistorey car park Bekkestua Senter


Gamle Ringeriksvei 34
, 1357 Bekkestua

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Open all day

Quick information

Total Spaces
2.10 m
Entrance height

Parking Tariff

Alle dager, 00-24 kr. 10,- per påbegynte 20 min. Kr 30,- per time og kr 396,- per døgn. 

Ekspressparkering U1 kr. 15,- per påbegynte 15 min første timen, deretter kr 60,- per time

Car Park Description



Parking at Bekkestua Senter P-hus


APCOA PARKING offers parking at Bekkestua Senter. The center offers good alternatives for residents throughout Bærum, Asker and Oslo Vest. The parking garage consists of three parts. U1 has express parking and U2 and U3 have short-term parking. U3 has also resident parking.


ANPR at Bekkestua Senter P-hus


Bekkestua Senter has ANPR which means that the parking will start and stop automatically. When you drive in you do not need to go to the ticket machine to withdraw ticket. The parking time starts automatically at the entrance and ends at the exit. You will only pay for the time you spend. The easiest method of payment is to download the APCOA FLOW app on the Appstore or Google Play and choose automatic payment. Read more about ANPR and payment options by clicking here.


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