Multistorey car park Mølla P-hus


, 0570 Oslo

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Open all day

Car Park Description

The car park at Mølla P-hus has camera recognition

  • With camera recognition, you don’t get a fine and the parking is ticketless.
  • Your license plate number is read at the entrance and the parking stops when you exit.
  • With camera recognition, everything is seamless. You don’t need a parking ticket and you can pay with your mobile. Use the app APCOA FLOW with automatic payment for a seamless customer journey.

Carpark with camera recognition

With camera recognition the parking starts and stops automatically when entering and exiting the carpark.


  1. At arrival you do not need to do anything.
  2. When exiting the carpark, you may choose between multiple products and services:

Our recommended solution!


  • Parking with app, with or without automatic payment. Download the APCOA FLOW app in Appstore or Google Play. Register a profile and choose “automatic payment”, then the payment will be automatically withdrawn. You may use the app within 48 hours after exiting. New! Easy registration and payment with Vipps.
  • Parking with payment machine.

If you choose neither of the options above, you may choose Park & Go. Then you will not have to do anything on site. The products have an added price. Choose between the following products:

  • “Park & Go web” within 48 hours after exiting on The price of the product is tariff + a fixed product price.
  • “Park & Go” an invoice is sent to the legal owner of the car. The product is tariff + fixed product price. An invoice fee will be added.

For users who are unable to download the app through the Norwegian Appstore / Google Play, the website can be used. You can either register as a user or use the website anonymously by searching for your number plate. 


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