Car park (surface) Badehusgata 33-39


Badehus gata 33-39
, 4014 Stavanger

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Mon - Sun
Open all day

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Car Park Description

The car park at badehusgata 33-39 has camera recognition

  •  With camera recognition, you don’t get a fine and the parking is ticketless.
  •  Your license plate number is read at the entrance and the parking stops when you exit.
  •  With camera recognition, everything is seamless. You don’t need a parking ticket and you can pay with your mobile.

The following products and services are available on this area:

  • Parking with a valid mobile app, with or without automatic payment. Download the APCOA FLOW app in the Appstore or Google Play. Register a profile and select "automatic payment" in the app, and the payment will be automatically withdrawn when you are leaving the area. News! Registration and payment with Vipps.
  • Parking with payment at the payment machine just before you leave the area
  • Parking with payment online,, within 48 hours after exit
  • Parking with "Park & Go". By using this product, you don't need to do anything. drive in, park and drive out. You will receive an invoice afterwards. The product has a fixed price + current tariff/price.

For users without a Norwegian phone to download the app, you can use the webpage listed above. You can either register a profile or use it anonymously.

If you have paid for the parking in advance (eg a parking benefit, lease or contract), then we have your car in our system, and you don’t need to do anything. Check your contract for more information.




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