Multistorey car park Blakstad Sykehus


Strandveien 35
, 1392 Vettre

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun
Open all day

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Car Park Description

Parking at Blakstad Hospital


General information

There are parking options for visitors at buildings 4, 5, 6, 9, and 14–28. Follow the signage on site.


Parking time

How long you can stay parked varies. See the signage where you park.



It is possible to pay by card, cash and the APCOA FLOW app.


At Blakstad Hospital, there will be areas with license plate recognition, but also areas without license plate recognition where you start the parking yourself.

These products and services are acaliable at the parking area with license plate recognition: 

With camera recognition the parking starts and stops automatically when entering and exiting the carpark.

1) At arrival you do not need to do anything.

2) When exiting the carpark, you may choose between multiple products and services:

Our recommended solution!

• Parking with app, with or without automatic payment. Download the APCOA FLOW app in Appstore or Google Play. Register a profile and choose “automatic payment”, then the payment will be automatically withdrawn. You may use the app within 48 hours after exiting. New! Easy registration and payment with Vipps.

• Parking with payment machine.

If you choose neither of the options above, you may choose Park & Go. Then you will not have to do anything on site. The products have an added price. Choose between the following products:

• “Park & Go web” within 48 hours after exiting on The price of the product is tariff + a fixed product price.

• “Park & Go” an invoice is sent to the legal owner of the car. The product is tariff + fixed product price. An invoice fee will be added.

For users who are unable to download the app through the Norwegian Appstore / Google Play, the website can be used. You can either register as a user or use the website anonymously by searching for your number plate.

Parking in areas without license plate recognition

Parking must be started either by using a payment machine (prepayment) or through the APCOA FLOW app.


​We recommend using the app, as you can also extend the parking time easily, without having to return to the parking area. When you are about to leave, you can easily stop the parking. You start parking in the app by entering a four-digit code that you can find on the payment machine or signage in the area.

The time period for paid parking and the price of the car park vary depending on whether you park in a car park from APCOA PARKING or the municipality. See signage at site.

You can find more information about prices for parking at Blakstad Hospital's parking areas at the payment machine or in the APCOA FLOW app.

You can find more information about parking in municipal car parks on Asker municipality's website.

NB! There are separate agreements for employees, who can find information about this on the intranet in Vestre Viken.











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